Poco helps to organise and manage Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes projects of any complexity using simple YAML config files to shorten the route from finding your project to initialising it in your local environment.

  • Simple. Configure, run and switch between projects with a very simple command line interface.
  • Flexibility. Manage, scale, maintain projects of any complexity with ease.
  • Configure Once, Use Everywhere. Configure project once so the rest of your team will feel the value of zero configuration.


  • Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Helm support out of the box.
  • Git, SVN support out of the box.
  • Project Catalog, Multiple Catalogues. Create your own project catalog. Organise and your projects without additional tools.
  • Multiple Plans. Create multiple plans for different environments or even environments for demo purposes. Switch between plans (environments) with ease.
  • Simple Config Files. Poco helps to split config files, so it is easy to maintain and scale them any time.
  • Script Support (Hooks). Add additional scripts any time.

Poco Project

Poco project is basically git/svn project. Each Poco Project should have poco.yaml file and at least one docker-compose.yaml file.
poco.yaml example:

version: '1.0'
maintainer: 'operations@shiwaforce.com'

include: docker/conf.env

- docker/dc-nginx.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-mysql-demo.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-node.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-phpmyadmin.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-nginx.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-mysql-dev.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-node.yaml # - docker-compose file
- docker/dc-phpmyadmin.yaml # - docker-compose file

Poco Plan

With Poco plans you can configure multiple environments (development, production, demo, etc.) in your project
keeping configuration small, easy scalable, maintainable and reusable.

Use Cases:

  • useful for large scalable projects or with projects with big number of micro services.
  • configure plans (environments) for different groups of developers, so they will be able to run only required services/containers keeping low usage of working machine resources.
  • configure plans for demo purposes with predefined content, so any one in your team could demonstrate any project to the client with easy.

Poco Repo.

Poco Repo - is a collection of Poco Projects.
With the help of Poco Repo you will be able to organise and manage your projects in a simple way.
Poco Repo example:

file: poco.yaml
git: ssh://git@git-server.com/my-project-1
file: poco.yaml
git: ssh://git@git-server.com/my-project-2

Poco Catalog

Poco Catalog - is a collection of Poco Repos. Add multiple Poco Repos form same or different resources.