Poco will help you to organise and manage Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes projects of any complexity using simple YAML config files to shorten the route from finding your project to initialising it in your local environment.


Docker and Docker Compose

Docker and Docker Compose are deeply integrated into poco making it much easier to use.


Automate deployment, scale, and management of containerized applications with Kubernetes without leaving poco.


poco will let you manage Kubernetes applications with Helm. Define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications of any complexity.

Version Control

Git and SVN are supported.


List, clone and initialise your poco projects directly from Github without additional steps.


List, clone and initialise your poco projects directly from Gitlab without additional steps.

Simple, Flexible, Scalable

Configure, run and switch between projects with a very simple command line interface.

Multiple Plans

Create multiple plans for different use cases like development, demonstration, production, etc.

Script Support (Hooks)

Run additional scripts with hooks any time.

Projects, Catalogs

Manage as many projects as you need, organize them into catalogs. Share catalogs between different teams or organisations.